Silhouette Nitrous Oxide Mask

Breathing Circuit

New and Improved
Silhouette® Nitrous Oxide Masks and Breathing Circuits

First launched in 2015, Silhouette has “Changed the view of nitrous” in dental practices around the world and set the standard for low profile nasal masks. Post COVID, as a completely single use nitrous oxide mask and tubing - Silhouette was the ideal product to simplify challenges with infection control. Already recognized as a game changer for nitrous oxide and oxygen delivery, Porter now brings to you the Next Generation of Silhouette! Featuring many new and improved benefits as well as a new lower price point – now is the time to switch to Silhouette.

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Information On Silhouette

The new and improved SILHOUETTE nasal mask and breathing circuit includes the following features and benefits:

Low profile and conforming nitrous oxide mask

  • Easy to work around and access the oral cavity

  • Improved seal around the nose resulting in less leakage

Single use disposable mask and tubing

  • Everything that touches the patient is single use simplifying your infection control process and saving time

Easily retrofits to your existing flowmeter(s)

  • Order 1 x SIL2-RETRO-PKG for each flowmeter

New – modified mask design that improves the seal on the patients nose improving delivery and scavenging efficiency

  • The top of the mask is flexed in and wraps down on the top of the nose

  • Tubing angled up and pulls the mask down and in on the nose

  • No adhesive

New – shape and size of the nasal cannula

  • Improved air flow

  • Smaller cannula size for Pedo and Small masks making the fit more comfortable

New - Colored masks for easy size identification

New – Fresh mint scent in each mask

New – Capnography port built into every mask

  • Simple to connect your vital signs monitor sample line for convenient readings

  • Order SIL2-CAPNO for 25 single use disposable luer lock barbs. Sample lines not included.

Tubing goes over patients ears and up under the patients chin

  • Patients have full range of head motion – no stopping and starting to adjust nasal masks anymore!

  • Not tubing behind the headrest

Protective eyewear easily fits over Silhouette and does not compromise the seal of the mask

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The following videos were shot with a special infra-red camera designed for thermal imaging. In the videos you will notice trace amounts of nitrous oxide that escape from various types of nasal masks. As you will see, the Porter Silhouette Nasal Mask performs better.

Infrared Videos

Educational Videos

"I absolutely LOVE the new Silhouette Nitrous Masks! They were simple to install on my own. I love that my assistant and I no longer have to work around the bulkiness of the traditional Nitrous masks. The new masks come in many sizes and there is always one to fit any patient. I also love that the patient is no longer 'tied down' to the dental chair by the traditional tubing but instead the small Silhouette tubes are lightweight and fit nicely around the patient's ears. Patients love them and so do we! Thank you Porter for creating this much needed product!"


Justine C. Bons, DDS, PA
SmilePerfect Deerfield, Inc.
General, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry
Deerfield Beach, FL

"My patients love this new nitrous system! A few of the reasons they like it is the nitrous doesn’t flow into their eyes, it is their own personal (never been used by anyone else) nasal mask, and the fit feels customized. There are so many positives for me! I like it not only because my patients like it, but my staff and I do not get harmful overflow nitrious oxide, it is not bulky so I can see the anterior teeth directly, it’s slim fit is easier to work around, and I can see condensation on the clear mask noting the patient’s breathing."

Thank you so much!

Jennifer Bartlett , DDS
Bartlett Family Dentistry
315 West Bower Ave.
Harrison, AR 72601

"In working with other manufacturer’s nitrous oxide masks I have found the Silhouette to be the most user friendly and efficacious thus far. Oral surgery and endodontics are no longer cumbersome or difficult to perform with inhalation sedation. My patients have all commented on their preference for this product due to how silent the Silhouette is and how they don’t feel physically overwhelmed as with a traditional mask system. This has in turn has decreased my patient’s anxiety levels and increased the patient’s perceived outcomes. I will be using this product for many years to come and recommend it for all my peers."

Best Regards,

Dr. Ertl
Laurelwood Family Dentistry
1978 Hendersonville Road, Suite 30
Asheville, North Carolina 28803

"I just got done using the new Silhouette low profile nasal mask for Nitrous Oxide delivery for the first time. I had no idea how annoyed I was trying to work around the old system until it was gone. Because of the adhesive seal, there was no leakage onto the patient's eyes and she could wear protective goggles without any interference. The patient could turn her head from side to side without any restriction instead of me having to compromise my ergonomics to access the other side of the mouth. The appointment was for wisdom teeth removal and once I got into the appointment, I forgot it was even there. The tubing and nose mask are disposable so that eliminates cross contamination concerns. Needless to say, I absolutely loved it. Wonderful device - my highest recommendation."

Andrew Mohlman, DMD, General Dentist
Kennewick, Wa

All you need to convert your existing flowmeter.




Flowmeter Retrofit Package (order one for each flowmeter). Includes: Cannula Adapter, Breathing Bag Cap, 5.5' Fresh Gas / Vacuum Tubing, 4 Color-Coded Sizer Masks, and Clip


Variety 12 Pack: 3 Silhouette Circuits of each size - Pediatric, Adult Small, Medium, Large

Silhouette and Accessory Part Numbers:



SIL2-PEDO-12 or SIL2-PEDO-24

Pediatric 12 Pack or Pediatric 24 Pack

SIL2-SM-12 or SIL2-SM-24

Small 12 Pack or Small 24 Pack

SIL2-MED-12 or SIL2-MED-24

Medium 12 Pack or Medium 24 Pack

SIL2-LG-12 or SIL2-LG-24

Large 12 Pack or Large 24 Pack


SILHOUETTE Sizer Masks - Color Coded, 1 For Each Size


SILHOUETTE Capnography Barbs (25)


SILHOUETTE Vacuum Adjuster

SILHOUETTE is only available through authorized Porter distributors.