Parker Series II High Precision Mass Flow Controllers-Flow Meters


Series II Product Features:
Series II group of products
  • Gas flow ranges from 0 – 0.7 ml/min to 0 – 1670 l/m
  • Operating pressures up to 10,000 PSIG
  • Exceptionally Precise: Best in Class Accuracy and repeatability for multi-range, multi-gas thermal mass flow
  • High Turndown and Low Pressure Drop
  • Low Response Time (6x faster than previous)
  • Quick Gas Changeover using Flow Parameter Adjustment with storage of up to 8 gas-type/flow range selections (available ≤150 PSIG)
  • User friendly configurable characteristics – gas type, tag name, alarm and setpoint adjustment
  • Effective turndown range of 180:1
  • Analog or digital communications: RS-232, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, Modbus-RTU, Flowbus
500/600 SERIES II Digital Mass Flow take Parker MFCs and MFMs to an even higher level of quality, versatility and cost effectiveness to digital mass flow. Series II features expanded flow ranges (from 0.014 - 0.7 ml/min up to 33 - 1670 l/min) and can be factory configured to include up to 8 gas type and flow range combinations. Models are available with maximum operating pressures up to 10,000 PSIG. In addition to the standard analog I/O signals (4-20 mA/0-5 VDC/0-10 VDC and RS232 connection), EtherCAT, DeviceNet™, Profibus-DP® and Modbus communication protocols are now available.

Flow Parameter Adjustment (FPA) is the Series II’s most exciting feature. FPA offers increased flexibility by allowing user configuration of both flow range and gas type while maintaining high precision and high accuracy with more than 180:1 effective turndown range. Available software and connection hardware allows communication with the instrument via Laptop USB port. With Porter Series II and Flow Parameter Adjustment, original equipment manufacturers are able to significantly reduce the variety of spare instruments they keep on stock, thereby lowering cost of ownership. Users of MFCs in pilot plants or laboratories can rescale their instruments on site, saving time and cost.

Market Applications:
  • Chemical/Petrochem - Catalyst Reduction, Chemical Reactor Feed
  • Lab / Analytical - Gas Blending and Purification
  • Furnaces/Burners - Gas Mixing and Control, Stack Emissions
  • Semiconductor processing - Gas Purification
  • OEM - Gas Chromatographs (GC), Analytical Equipment Suppliers
Some Unique Ways Series II Mass Flow Instruments Are Used:
  • TO SAVE MONEY: Eliminate the need to carry multiple gas concentrations since users can dilute a pure gas.

  • FOR MORE FLEXIBILTY, REDUCED INVENTORY: OEMs value the multi-gas capability since they can buy one unit for their equipment and program it for a specific gas for a customer. Test labs can re-program existing devices to conduct new/different analyses.

  • FOR HIGHER QUALITY: Gas purification can remove impurities up to “5 9’s” (.99999%) purity for semiconductor manufacturing

  • TO SAVE TIME: Research using chemical reactors can change gases almost on the fly.

  • TO PROVIDE DEEPER DATA ANALYSIS: FlowView and FlowPlot, included in the Series II’s standard software bundle, allow users to view 12 separate flow instruments at once, and provide real-time measurement data.

Models Available (Click to see Individual Product)

Select Flow
Meter Model

Select Flow
Controller Model
Flow Range Max Pressure
510C 600CV 0.014 - 0.7 ml/min
up to 0.18 - 9 ml/min
960 PSIA
511B 601CV 0.16 - 8 ml/min
up to 0.5 - 25 l/min
960 PSIA
511AC 601AV 0.4 - 20 l/min
up to 5 - 100 l/min
960 PSIA
601CM 0.2 - 10 SCCM
up to 1 - 50 SLPM
1000 PSIG
512AC 602AV 0.8 - 40 l/min
up to 1.4 - 250 l/min
960 PSIA
513AC 603AV 4 - 200 l/min
up to 33 - 1670 l/min
960 PSIA
601CB 0.2 - 10 l/min
up to .4 - 20 l/min
150 PSIG
513AV 613AV 0.4 - 20 l/min
up to 1.4 - 70 l/min
150 PSIG

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