Standard Cartridge Precision Metering Valve - Model SCV Series

SCV-1 Parker metering valves are designed for extremely precise control in low flow gas and liquid applications. They are available as valve cartridges, integrally mounted in flowmeters and in-line valve assemblies with straight or angle patterned bodies. All in-line valve assemblies have 1/8’’ female NPT inlet and outlet ports.

Parker’s Standard Cartridge Valves (SCV) are economical, multi-purpose valve assemblies. Available in 3 needle tapers, they are ideal for a wide spectrum of low flow applications.

Torque Guard
Parker standard cartridge valves are available with the exclusive torque guard stop mechanism. Torque guard eliminates stem damage caused by over tightening of the valve at shut-off.

The torque guard system consists of a specifically designed knob with a stop pin pressed into an aluminum knob insert and a mechanical detail on the packing nut that engages the stop pin and prevents clockwise rotation beyond a predetermined point. During final test, the knob is adjusted so that the stop pin and packing nut engage precisely at shut-off. This combination eliminates the possibility of over tightening and the resultant stem damage.

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Capacities for Standard Cartridge Valve

Needle Size (SCV) 1 2 3
Max Flow cc/min.- Helium 25000 35000 55000
cc/min.- Water 700 1000 1200

Note: Capacities are typically measured with water or helium at 10 psig supply pressure and
atmospheric pressure downstream. Capacities vary for different fluids and operating conditions.

Ratings: Maximum Operating

Temperature°F Pressure PSIG
Brass Model 160 250
Stainless Steel Model 250 250

Connections: 1/8" Female NPT (integral)

Materials of Construction

Model Body Valve Pin Valve Pin Holder O-Rings Orifice
HRCV Brass
Nickel Plated Brass 316 SS Brass Buna N Brass w/ Fluorosint® liner
HRCV Stainless Steel
316 SS 316 SS 316 SS Viton Brass w/ Fluorosint® liner
SCV Brass
Nickel Plated Brass 316 SS 316 SS Buna N Brass
SCV Stainless Steel
316 SS 316 SS 316 SS Viton 316 SS


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