Model F65 Purge Meter: Aluminum, Brass, Stainless w/High-Visibility

F65 Product Highlights:
  • Interchangeable flow tube assemblies and valves allow configuration changes without removal from process system
  • Rib-guided, compression sealed flow tubes for maximum float stability
  • Ceramic scales fired on flow tubes against a contrasting background provide high visibility and durability
  • Standard or high-resolution metering valves available on inlet or outlet
  • Ten-to-one rangeability
The Parker Models F65 forged body purge meters feature a compact, one-piece, black anodized forged aluminum body with wraparound window for full 180ยบ visibility of the flow tube. These units are available with aluminum, brass or 316 stainless steel wetted parts.

Abbreviated specs
Accuracy: +/- 10% Full Scale
Flow Range: 67,800 SCCM Air
Max Pressure: 200 PSIG

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Models 65, F65, 150 & F150: Purgemeters

Customer Value Proposition


Parker variable area flowmeters include 65mm and 150mm scale length tube assemblies and are available in either forged body or side-plate construction. Forged body models feature a wrap-around window for full 180° tube visibility and an attractive forged one-piece bacl anodized aluminum body. Side-plate constructed models are conveniently interchangeable with competitive designs.

Parker control valves, including the exclusive Torque Guard cartridge, can be added to either style flowmeter for precise flow indication and control in one economical unit. Multi-tube side-plate models, ranging from two to six tubes, are available with or without control valves and can include individual inlet and outlet connections or manifold ports according to your specifications.


Length: Models F65 and 65- 65mm; Models F150 and 150- 150mm.
Type: Fused on metering tube with contrasting yellow background
Graduations: Standard- Models F65 and 65: 0-65mm w/ calibration data; Models F150 and 150: 0-150mm w/ calibration data.
Optional: Direct reading scales
Pressure/Temperature: Neoprene packing/ Buna N O-rings- 200 psig at temperatures up to 160°F Viton® packing/Viton O-rings-200 psig at temperatures up to 200°F
Accuracy: Models F65 and 65: ± 10%

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