613AV Series Mass Flow Controller

613AV Product Highlights:
  • Full Scale Flow Ranges from 200 ml/min to 1670 ml/min
  • Higher operating pressures up to 1450 PSIA
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Storage of max. 8 calibration curves
  • User configurable control characteristics
  • Flow Parameter Adjust functionality up to 150 PSIA
  • Effective Rangeability <180:1
  • Analog or digital: RS232, DeviceNet™, EtherCAT®, ProfibusDP®, Modbus-RTU
Parker’s Model 613AV Series II Mass Flow Controller (MFC) is designed for precise control of virtually all conventional process gases. The MFC consists of a thermal mass flow sensor, a precise control valve and a microprocessor based PID controller with signal and fieldbus conversion. Based on the setpoint input value, the flow controller swiftly adjusts to the desired flow rate. The mass flow rate is provided as analog signal or digitally via RS232 or various fieldbus options. Each unit is specifically sized and calibrated depending on the types of gas and the process conditions of the application.

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Thermal Mass Flow Measuring Principle

The Mass Flow Sensing System consists of a stainless steel capillary tube with two precision heater and temperature sensing elements wound around the outside of the tube. As gas flows through the capilliary tube, heat is displaced to the downstream temperature sensor creating a differential between the two sensors. The difference is directly proportional to mass flow through the tube. In the main flow channel, a patented laminar flow element package creates a restriction that forces a fixed percentage of the total flow through the sensor for temperature differential detection.

State of the Art Digital Design

Parker’s Series II Mass Flow products are equipped with a microprocessor based digital pc-board offering high accuracy, excellent temperature stability and fast MFC response time. The basic digital pc-board contains all of the general functions needed for measurement and control. RS232 communication and analog I/O are included. An optional integrated communication interface board provides DeviceNet™, Profibus-DP® or Modbus-RTU.


Measurement/Control System
Accuracy (incl. linearity)
(based on actual calibration) 
Standard: ±0.5% Reading plus ±0.1% Full Scale
Turndown 1 : 50 (in digital mode up to 1 : 187.5)
Repeatability <0.2% Reading
Settling Time (Controller) Standard: 2-4 seconds
Control Stability <±0.1% Full Scale (typical for 1 l/min N2)
Operating Temperature -10 to +70°C
Temperature Sensitivity Zero: <0.05% Full Scale/°C; span: <0.05% Reading/°C
Pressure Sensitivity 0.1%/ATM typical N2; 0.01%/ATM typical H2
Leak Integrity, outboard Tested < 2 x 10-9 mbar l/s He
Attitude Sensitivity Max. error at 90° off horizontal 0.2% at 1 ATM, typical N2
Warm-Up Time 30 min. for optimum accuracy
2 min. for accuracy ±2% Full Scale

Mechanical Parts
Material (wetted parts) Stainless steel 316L or equivalent
Surface Quality (wetted parts) Ra= 0.8μm typical
Process Connections Compression or face seal fittings
Seals Standard: Viton; Options: EPDM, Kalrez (FFKM)
Ingress Protection (housing) IP40

Electrical Properties
Power Supply +15-24 Vdc
Power Consumption Meter: 70 mA;
Controller: max. 320 mA;
Add 50 mA for Profibus, if applicable
Analog Output/Command 0-5 (10) Vdc or 0 (4)-20 mA - specify -
(Sourcing output)
Digital Communication Standard: RS232
Options: Profibus-DP®, DeviceNet™, EtherCAT®, Modbus

Electrical Connection
Analog/RS232 9-pin D-connector (male)
Profibus-DP® Bus: 9-pin D-connector (female)
Power: 9-pin D-connector (male)
DeviceNet™ 5-pin M12-connector (male)
EtherCAT® 2 x RJ45 modular jack (in/out)
Modbus-RTU/FLOW-BUS RJ45 modular jack

Models and Flow Ranges

Model Minimum
Nominal Maximum
613AV - U 4 to 200 l/min 10 to 500 l/min 15 to 750 l/min
613AV - V 8 to 400 l/min 20 to 1000 l/min 1670 l/min

All flow ranges are at standard conditions of 14.7 PSIA and 70°F (21.1°C)

Technical specifications and dimensions subject to change without notice.

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