Analog Gas Flow Controller - Model 2201

2201 Parker Model 2201 MFCs bring a new dimension to affordable mass flow control.  Model 2201 utilizes the same proven thermal sensor assembly and unique laminar flow elements found in the 200 Series MFCs, combined with the Porter Model EPC Electronic Proportional Control Valve.  The result is an economical MFC that is affordable without compromising precision, control integrity or reliability.

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Model 2200 Series: Mass Flow Instruments

Precise & Affordable Mass Flow Control
The Parker 2200 Series Mass Flow Instruments bring a new dimension to affordable mass flow control. Series 2200 utilizes the same proven thermal sensor assembly, control circuitry and unique laminar flow elements found in the standard Parker mass flow products.

Model 2201 includes the Parker EPC proportional control valve, the same valve assembly used by many analytical instrument manufacturers for accurate gas flow control. This results in mass flow instruments that are affordable without compromising precision, control integrity or reliability.

Flow Capacity

Maximum flows from 40 SCCM to 10 SLPM (based on nitrogen [N2] @ 70°F & 5 PSIG)
Response Time
3 to 4 seconds
Accuracy and Linearity
±2% full scale
Within ±0.2% full scale at any constant temperature within operating temperature range
Rangeability (Control Range)
50:1 (2%-100% full scale)
Ambient and Operating Temperature Range
-10°C to 70°C (+14°F to 158°F)
Maximum Operating Pressure
200 PSIG

Temperature Coefficent

Pressure Coefficient
±0.1%/atmosphere typical using N2
Setpoint Input/Flow Signal Output
0-5 Vdc (2K ohm minimum load resistance for flow signal output)
Power Supply Requirements (currrent consumption <250 mAdc)
+12 (±5%) or +15 (±10%) Vdc
Mounting Orientation
Attitude insensitive
Warm-up Time

10 minutes
External Electrical Connector
Nine (9)- pin Dconnector
Inlet/Outlet Process Connections
1/8" female NPT

Valve Base (Body)
Brass (Model 2201)
Valve Components (Wetted)
Stainless Steel (Model 2201)
Elastomers (O-rings and Valve Seat)
Buna N, EPDM, Neoprene or Viton®
Process Connections
Nickel-plated brass (inlet) and aluminum (outlet-integral to body)

Viton® - DuPont Dow Elastomers L.L.C.
Specifications subject to change

To order, please specify
• Flow capacity
• Gas type
• Operating temperature
• Inlet (supply) pressure
• Outlet pressure
• Calibration standard (i.e. 0°C, 20°C, 21.1°C or 25°C)
• Elastomer material
• Additional accessories required (e.g., interface module, inter-connecting cable assembly, etc.)

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