Nitronox Field Unit

Nitronox Field Unit The Nitronox™ Field Unit provides convenient, safe and effective pain relief. It incorporates advanced features to protect your patients, including:

• Preset 50/50 - N2O/O2 Mixture - neither the patient nor medical personnel are able to adjust the mixture - eliminating the risk of delivering a hypoxic mixture.

• Oxygen-Driven Pressure Control - designed to immediately shut off N2O in the event of oxygen supply depletion.

• Audible Alarm - for added safety a continuous alarm will sound should the device fall out of calibration or N2O depletion.

• O2 Enrichment Feature - in case of shallow breathing (100 - 200 cc tidal volume) the Nitronox™ unit will automatically increase O2 concentration.

• Patient Self-Administered - a patient hand held supply valve is activated only by an inspiratory effort.

• 100% O2 Capability - in the event of N2O depletion, the unit provides 100% oxygen to the patient.

• The Nitronox™ Field Unit conveniently connects to a small portable N2O cylinder and your existing O2 supply.

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Porter Portable Nitronox Flyer FM-1278 Rev-.

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