6255-1 Triple Outlet Station

6255-1 Triple Outlet Station Porter’s advanced one-piece combination Clean-Air™ and Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen triple outlet station delivers and removes Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide in the dental operatory.

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Porter MXR-D Flowmeter
The MXR-D is the only digital flowmeter with both a digital display and calibrated glass indicator tubes for accurate real flow display. Ergonomic single motion control knobs allow for easy flow and percentage adjustment versus push button operation units.
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Porter Double Mask Autoclavable Hood Kit With Liners
Porter’s unique double mask has proven time and again to be the most efficient system for scavenging of waste nitrous oxide. The soft and pliable inner liner creates a tight, yet comfortable seal around the patient’s nose – thus assuring the Porter mask’s superior scavenging efficiency.
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DynoMite Single-Use-Disposable Nasal Hoods
DynoMites are not only fun for your patients – but they are also the smallest disposable nasal hoods available (35% smaller than the competition) – resulting in a better line of sight and improved access to your patient’s mouth. DynoMites are inexpensive and the perfect solution for the high volume office.
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Porter Automatic Vacuum Switch
The patented Porter Automatic Vacuum Switch (AVS) prevents nitrous oxide from being administered without scavenging (per mandated NIOSH and OSHA guidelines). The AVS provides safety with certainty - automatic “on” and automatic “off”. Nothing is required of the system operator to remember to turn on the vacuum.
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