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Privacy Policy
Your contact information, if provided from this website, will not be shared with anyone other than the appropriate sales and/or internet marketing partners for Parker Porter.

At Porter Instrument Division, Parker Hannifin, we know how important your privacy is to you. Whether you are a current client, a returning visitor or just visiting our web site for the first time, we are committed to protecting the information you provide.

Our policy is simple: we collect personal information about you only when you knowingly and willingly provide it, and we will not share or otherwise profit from the distribution of personal data beyond the use it was provided to fulfill. In order to fulfill requests submitted via this website, Porter Instrument Division may share your input with our independent sales representatives.

Website Feedback
Please report navigation errors and other website maintenance issues and/or comments to We appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain an error-free website.

Website Development
This website was designed and developed by Praxis Communications, Inc., a Philadelphia area BtoB marketing communications firm.

Surveys & Forms
You may have the opportunity to provide information to us through online surveys and forms. We use this information to better understand your needs and to provide quality services.

Porter Instrument wants your visit to our web site to be informative and enjoyable. We plan to use any information we obtain from you to help us continually improve the content, functionality and overall usefulness of our web site.

Use of E-Mail
Please use your own best judgment when sending information via the Internet to an e-mail address. E-mail sent via the Internet may pass through private and public networks with varying levels of security. Some networks may have taken steps to secure e-mail transmissions while others have not, thereby compromising the privacy and integrity of an e-mail. An e-mail may be copied, altered or destroyed.

We preserve the content of your e-mail, your e-mail address and our response so that we can efficiently respond to questions you might have. We also do this in an effort to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

We will respect your request not to be contacted by e-mail. Again, please use your own best judgment when sending information via the Internet to an e-mail address.

If you do provide personal information, such as an e-mail, telephone or fax number, or other identifying information, we do not plan to disclose it without your consent. We will maintain this information, as well as any other transactions, according to our usual security and confidentiality standards.

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